Plot Segmentation of Fight Club

Fight ClubI Ground Zero
a. A man is sitting down in a chair while another man holds a gun to his head.
b. Narrator describes that there are ten vans parked in ten buildings with dynamite.
II Cornelius
a. Title character flashes back to a testicular cancer support group where he meets bob. They cry and embrace allowing narrator to feel better.
b. Narrator hesitates and says the story begins before Bob. Describes insomnia.
c. Portrays everyday life and numerous references to consumerism. Ikea rant.
d. When narrator asks for medical help, the doctor tells him to visit support group for pain.
e. Narrator and Bob meet and cry allowing narrator to sleep.
f. Montage of narrator visiting various support groups.
g. Reference to allegorical “cave” and power animal.
II Marla Singer
a. Marla Singer enters with a cloud of cigarette smoke.
b. Montage of her sitting in on various support groups as narrator becomes irritated.
c. Insomnia returns. He stays up all night on his coach watching infomercials.
d. During cancer support group where they discuss the cave, Marla appears in the cave.
e. Narrator confronts Marla about fraud. He tells her he needs them to sleep.
f. He follows Marla down the street as she takes clothes from Laundromat and sells them at thrift shop.
g. They negotiate a schedule in which they split the support groups so they do not see each other. They exchange phone numbers.
III Single Servings
a. Narrator describes how his life has become single serving size.
b. Montage of him traveling and living in and out of hotel rooms.
c. Describes his job as a recall coordinator as he inspects a car.
d. Imagines himself being involved in airplane accident.
IV Tyler Durden
a. Wakes up to a man named Tyler Durden, telling him how oxygen masks on airplanes are used for relief.
b. Narrator arrives to airport security where he and guard discuss why his luggage is missing.
c. Narrator takes cab and arrives outside his apartment building where there has apparently been an explosion in his apartment.
d. He calls Marla but hangs up. Then he calls Tyler but there is no answer. Tyler calls back explaining that he screens calls.
e. The two meet at a bar where they converse about consumerism.
f. Narrator asks to move in with Tyler but he only agrees if he punches him.
g. Narrator speaks to audience about what Tyler does for a living. (projectionist/ waiter)
V Paper Street
a. Narrator arrives at Tyler’s run down house. He shares his disgust for how everything seems to be falling apart.
b. Tyler and narrator seem to be fighting outside the bar again where they have drawn the attention of others.
c. He shows up to work with a black eye.
d. It is another night and this time it seems that the two have drawn a larger crowd. This time with a stranger.
e. They shoot golf balls on their front lawn.
f. Narrator goes through the previous owner’s journals and find’s the “jack” series.
g. He shows up to work with bruises and lowered sense of hearing.
h. Tyler and narrator ask each other about their fathers. Comparing their childhoods.
i. They are outside the bar again, this time narrator and Tyler are watching others fight.
j. Narrator walks past Marla at a support group but does not stop.
k. Narrator shows up to work, uninterested.
VI Fight Club
a. Tyler and the narrator lead group of men down to basement of bar. Tyler lays out the rules of fight club.
b. Scene of two men fighting and then those two men as everyday people working.
c. Narrator and Tyler see an ad on the bus and make fun of male models.
d. More fights ensue.
e. Narrator is getting stitched up while Tyler tells him to say to the doctor that he fell.
f. Marla calls the house but narrator ignores her.
g. Hazy sex scene occurs but only Marla is visible.
h. Next morning Marla encounters narrator in kitchen. He tells her to get out of the house.
i. Tyler enters describing that he had rescue Marla from suicide attempt and she spent the night.
j. Tyler tells Narrator not to talk about their relationship.
k. Sequence of scenes where Narrator is trying to cope with Marla and Tyler having sex loudly around the house.
l. He becomes disgruntled at work and is sent home.
m. Cops call him about possible arson at his apartment.
n. Marla and narrator encounter each other again in the morning but he tells her off.
o. Tyler and narrator decide to make soap. They sneak into the garbage area of a Liposuction Company.
p. After they steal the fat and start cooking it, Tyler burns narrators hand with chemicals.
q. They sell soap back to cosmetics stores.
r. Narrator at the office becomes increasingly disgruntled and violent.
s. He and Marla meet again but nothing sexual occurs.
VII Homework
a. Narrator runs into Bob outside Marla’s. They discuss fight club.
b. Narrator and Bob fight.
c. Tyler opens next night of fight club with speech that is interrupted by bar owner Lou.
d. After being beaten, Tyler spews blood at Lou begging for them to open club which he does.
e. Tyler tells members to start fight with people and lose.
f. Sequence of scenes where members picking fights with everyday people.
g. Narrator shows up at manager’s office blackmailing him. He then beats himself up before security shows up.
h. Fight club resumes but with more homework assignments.
i. Montage of acts of vandalism throughout the city.
j. Tyler takes a convenient store clerk out back at gunpoint. He tells him to reaffirm his life or else he will be killed. Then takes his wallet as insurance.
k. “All seeing, all knowing…”
VIII Project Mayhem
a. Marla encounters narrator in kitchen again where they start off friendly but he tells her off again.
b. A young man is standing outside their home as Tyler goes out and yells at him.
c. Montage of Tyler and narrator taking turns yelling at recruit and after a few days the recruit yelling at another.
d. More recruits assemble and do chores and work around the house.
e. Narrator comes home to television showing that the recruits had vandalized a building.
f. Members of project Mayhem are seen to be working at a formal function. They then follow the police commissioner to the bathroom where they attack and threaten him.
g. Another scene of fighting occurs, this time between the narrator and a blonde man. The narrator beats him to a pulp.
h. After the fight, the narrator, Tyler, and two other get into a car.
i. Tyler and narrator argue about the meaning of project mayhem and life in general as they play chicken on the highway. The car inevitable careens off the road and flips.
IX Who is Tyler Durden?
a. The narrator wakes up in bed, alive but injured. Tyler sits by his side, but eventually leaves. The narrator passes out again.
b. The narrator awakens again discovering that Tyler has packed his things.
c. The house is now completely run by members of project mayhem and seems to be operating by itself.
d. Marla shows up one night but a drunken narrator tells her that Tyler is no longer there. Irritated, she leaves.
e. A commotion causes the narrator to go back into the house where the body of Bob is brought in. There was an accident when they tried to destroy a piece of art and a coffe house. Arguing unsuccessfully with the members, the narrator storms out of the kitchen and into Tyler’s room.
f. The narrator finds airplane ticket stubs and decides to try to find Tyler.
g. Montage of narrator traveling to bars and basements of other cities.
h. He comes across a bartender that calls him Tyler which leads him to run back to his hotel room. He calls Marla and she calls him Tyler as well.
i. Tyler suddenly appears in the room with the narrator. Through multiple flashbacks, the narrator realizes that he is Tyler Durden. The narrator then passes out onto the bed.
X Changeover
a. Narrator wakes up and checks out of his hotel room. He discovers a bill of telephone calls made while he was asleep.
b. He goes back to the house to find it empty. He goes into the operations room and calls the phone numbers and realizes they are addresses of credit card companies.
c. Marla is walking down the street when a cab drops off the narrator.
d. He brings her into a diner and tries to explain to her that she is in danger.
e. He then puts her on a charter bus where as it leaves shadows of other passengers seem to engulf her.
f. The narrator then turns himself into the police and explains everything inside and interrogation room. When the interrogator leaves the room, the other officers attempt to detain and castrate him. After a scuffle he is able to escape.
g. The narrator now runs through the city towards the credit card company building.
XI Conclusion
a. When he is outside the building Tyler appears. The narrator shoots past him and goes towards the garage.
b. The narrator opens the doors to the van parked in the garage to find a bomb. Tyler appears to confuse him, but the narrator disarms the bomb.
c. Tyler begins to beat the narrator. Scene flashes back and forth between the fight and security cameras showing that there is no Tyler and the narrator is beating himself up.
d. After being thrown down the stairs, the narrator wakes up in the scene that the film had started with.
e. The two argue and the narrator shoots himself in the mouth to kill Tyler. The members of mayhem bring Marla in and he tells them to leave. They hold hands as they watch the other buildings crumble through the window.

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  1. Kevin L. Ferguson Says:

    Great, and detailed, segmentation! For readability, consider indenting the smaller sections (or using bold for the large divisions).

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