The Rules

The Rules

To whomever has stumbled across the internet to my blog I’d like to welcome you.

Over the course of this semester, this English senior seminar class made us question what many filmgoers have asked. Is the book better? During this course we were asked to read, and watch various adaptations in hopes of understanding the theory of adaptation. And when it was time to write about an adaptation of our choice, I had to pick my favorite movie, Fight Club. Yes, it is also a book.

This site contains assignments dedicated to the film and novel of Fight Club. I have analyzed the novel in a thematic way, as well as deconstructing a scene to its basic mise en scene. I must admit that this class was not all about watching movies, we had to learn comprehensive film theories and film techniques. And what I found to be the hardest, was maintaining this website. As you can see, I’m still not that well versed in the art of computing.

– Chris Wong

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